Family Kayaking

Today Darcy, Emelyn and I tried Kayaking in a Tandem kayak.  WOW, its a lot different than kayaking solo.

The main difference is, the person in the front, doesn’t seen to have any control at all. This is where I was sitting. Sure I could help propel us forward… and if I paddled hard enough, I could kind of steer…. pathetically.  Darcy sat in the back seat, he was in control of steering and watching Emelyn. Emelyn didnt really enjoy the experience today. However I think its due to the fact that we pushed her eating time back a little bit, and it was really hot out, which with her PWS… heat and her do not mix at all!

I don’t think I liked Tandem Kayaking, although I did like being out with my family. I think that it would be a little better if Emelyn was a bit older and could understand what was going on and why she had this big frumpy life jacket on. It would also be better if the day was a bit overcast and cooler.  Heat and kayaking don’t mix well.. you are out there int he heat, working upa sweat anyhow… you don’t need to bake as well. 😉

It was a good experience and I cant wait to go kayaking again… next time I would like to leave emelyn out of the equation and just go out with Darcy and let him kayak without worrying about a baby.


Here are some photos from today.


And Yes… Emelyn fell asleep… looks comfy right?


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL Emelyn!! so cute!
    did she wake up!?



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