Eating out and Paleo.

When following a paleo diet, I have been noticing that it is so much easier when I cook and prepare my meals at home.  Probably this is due to the fact that I am pretty aware of exactly what is going into my meals, and therefore into my body. 

When traveling, its so hard to know whats in their foods. Soy and wheat are in almost everything. Even a chicken breast for a salad often contains soy…why?!

Today, driving back from P.E.I. we were hungry and had to feed the baby, so we stopped to eat. the only decent place we could find was East Side Marios.  Let me tell you, Its hard to find something paleo in a pasta kitchen style restaurant. First i asked for the Gluten Free Menu. And then I Googled their allergen menu. With the paleo “restrictions” It seemed like we werent going to be able to find anything that full fit. Luckily, I talked to the waitress, who then talked to the kitchen, who then proceeded to talk to the manager and finally went back and talked to the kitchen. What did we talk about? The above mentioned chicken breast and the possibility of getting it without whatever soy marinade or seasoning they use… so I could have it on a salad. Im pleased that they were able to comply…


I think a lot of places are pretty willing to comply with dietary restrictions as long as you talk to them about it. Probably not somewhere like KFC or Taco Bell. But a sit down place, that potentially can serve you REAL FOOD.

Its good to know that I wont starve to death or always have to compromise when I am eating out.

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