Paleo night off…. followed by a fail

Yesterday was fathers day. Darcy and I have chosen to have nights off from paleo, a cheat night. So we used yesterday as that night.

As you might remember from my previous post on having a night out, I went crazy and felt horrible afterwards. And I thought never again!

So Yesterday we were walking around downtown and we saw a Mexican restaurant, we thought! Lets go for a pre dinner cocktail. Two corona’s for Darcy and a double strawberry banana margarita for me…. and what did they bring us to the table… chips and salsa… we thought why not! 


Looks good right?? It WAS!


So we went to dinner, and I thought, i better not order too crazily, or else ill regret it.  Ribs and a ceasar salad, no croutons, dressing on the side.  Image

It was very good!

The thing about going out for dinner( when you don’t go out too often)…and having a really good time… its perhaps you might consume a few too many beverages of the alcohol variety( which you aren’t used to doing anymore either… heck, im not in my 20’s anymore).

So this time I do not suffer from eating really bad food and facing the consequences. I suffer from drinking too much vodka and am even today suffering the consequences. And this brings me to my paleo fail…

Normally I am pretty strict about my foods when I am not on my cheat night. But I feel awful today. Water wasn’t helping. Tylenol wasn’t helping. Food wasn’t helping.  I even took some Gravol, and as nice as the nap that came along with that was, I still felt like crap.  So i headed out to the store and bought a big bottle of sports drink -Powerade. I don’t like it. its kinda gross, tastes weird and like its always missing something.  However, in my 20’s it always proved to be the best prevention/cure for a hangover. So I’m drinking it in the hopes that I will stop feeling so poorly. It is definitely not a paleo drink! ha ha!

I hope that I have learned my lesson. Drinking is fun, but its not fun if you drink too much and you feel like poo the next day. I’m not as young as I used to be, and I don’t bounce back as easily.  

I hope my next Paleo night off is less exciting! 😉


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