Gently down the stream

Today was another adventure( my second to be exactly) in kayaking.

Last week when I went I tried a Necky Rip10. It is a recreational kayak, it’s 10 feet long and is a bit wider and has a larger cockpit area. This kayak is good one, and is suitable for beginners and medium skilled people.
Click this link to see a photo and more info on this kayak

I noticed last time that the way I stroked the paddle, I kept banging my hand on the side of the kayak. So this time I went I tried another kayak.

This time I tried the Necky Manitou 14. its a Day Touring Kayak. It is thinner, and longer…14 feet compared to 10. The stability was also less. The kayak is pretty stable, but it isn’t as wide as the Rip10. So I definitely noticed the difference.

You wouldn’t think a paddle would make much of a difference, but because of the thinner kayaks we were using, they gave us a shorter paddle. The drip off the paddle was very annoying, my legs were soaked by the time we finished kayaking, perhaps too the quality wasn’t as good as the paddles we used last week. Next time I go, I will be requesting different paddles. I might also wear gloves, or pre put a bandaid on my thumb as I paddled myself into a nice blister today.

Between the two kayaks, I would have to say I prefer the manitou 14, I really enjoyed the thigh braces in the cockpit… I felt as tho I was very secure and had the ability to really concentrate on paddling.

I do not think I was ready for such a big excursion. Last week we went out for 30-45 mins tops. Today we were out for over an hour. We paddled down the oromocto river and checked out cow island (seriously there are cows on an island. Someone puts them on a boat and ships them over there everyday or something… Crazy right?) then we headed onto the St. John river towards the burton bridge….

Actually we paddled TO THE BURTON BRIDGE. Now, when looking down the river at something, it looks pretty close…. But as you are paddling and paddling, it takes a really long time to get anywhere. But we did it! We paddled all the way there! The current was stronger around the base of the bridge… I tried to take a photo but the water was too crazy, and actually as I was trying to touch the base of the bridge , the current kind of pulled my kayak and I almost flipped…. Not a big deal, shit happens… However I had my dry bag open because I wanted my camera ready…. Well my camera and iPhone were in there and I was freaked out about that. However, nothing happened and it’s all good… I quickly did up my dry bag and stowed it away. One scare is enough!

Now that we kayaked all the way there, guess what?! That’s right, we had to kayak all the way back! So we headed back upstream, and after what seemed like a million ours, we made it back!

I am so exhausted, my arms feel like sore jello, my hands hurt and I have a crappy blister that I covered with Ozonol and a band aid.

As crap as I feel right now, I can’t wait to go again!

Here are some pictures from today’s outing…


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