What was I thinking?!

So quite a few weeks ago Darcy and I made a plan. On June 6th when he got back, to celebrate our month of wheat free, we would go out for Chinese food. I was looking forward to it. Almost obsessively. Well with life and how it often doesn’t work out as planned, we ended up having to go today.

This evening was planned to be our anything goes night. Eat whatever you want. Wheat, rice, sugar, anything!

We went for Chinese food and opted for the buffet. Good idea right!? This way we can sample everything and we don’t have any left overs to bring home. Well…. You ever hear about that rule, it takes 15 minutes for your brain to realize its full…. Lets just say, I was trying to beat the 15 minutes.

I have to admit…Chinese food is not as good as I remembered. I honestly think the best part of the meal was the broccoli I picked out of the beef and broccoli dish.

I ate until I was stuffed. Like seriously about to puke stuffed…. I didn’t eat a lot…. Not by how I’m describing how full I was. I had one plate where I sampled some of the food, went back for seconds there I maybe filled 1/4 of the plate with mostly broccoli. I did have two little dessert things that were bite sized.

I was so full. I was so full I didn’t know if I was dizzy or about to puke. I came home and barely moved for a bit.

It wasn’t until an hour ago where for some reason I though.. Hmm I’m hungry again. Lets get my nights worth for food. So as I fed the kid, hunny went to McDonald’s and
got me some French fries, a milk shake and a root beer to add vodka to.

Well I will not deny that I have indeed gone to the extreme today. I only had a sip of the pop, less than half the fries and a few slurps of the milk shake. It was good… So good…. But now I just feel more ill. It was however what I had been craving.

I am glad that tomorrow when I wake up, that my night of shenanigans will be over. That I can return to my lacto paleo eating and hopefully not feel like this for a long long time.

Perhaps tonight is what I needed. I needed to eat the foods that I loved, to experience and remember why I shouldn’t be eating them. I’m not saying I won’t eat them again…. But once a month is definitely enough for me and enough of a reminder at how they just don’t mesh into my lifestyle anymore.

So now with my bloated over stuffed tummy ache… I will probably live out my consequences on the couch or moaning in bed.

Tomorrow is a brand new day! I look forward to it!

20130607-193353.jpg(the onion rings in the pic were so gross I didn’t even eat them… I usually LOVE onion rings šŸ˜¦ …)


One response to this post.

  1. The onion rings look good. Eating better and the way you do would clean you right out so when you put this garbage into your system it makes it crash. Lol Sounds delicious though… *drools*



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