Fourth Time is the Charm

So today I tried again.

Last night before bed I watched a tutorial video on how to do it. I watched this video three times. Plus then once today as I followed along with each step. I did it exactly like the girl did it on YouTube. Hers turned out awesome looking… Mine… Soupy!

I was thinking, perhaps I’m never going to get this. But I thought. You know what, I will give it ONE MORE CHANCE. He’ll, I’ve already wasted one bottle of olive oil, what’s another cup of it.

This time I did it by hand, I whisked the crap out of that egg and lemon juice, then I whisked the crap out of it all as I SLOWLY….REALLY SLOWLY… Poured in the oil. And you know what! I fricken made mayo.

It turned out. I’m so impressed. The taste is a little lemony. I’ve never had home made mayo before, I’d be interested to see if it tastes like everyone else’s. after I added some salt, it helped with the taste. I think you could customize this any which way you want. Add hot sauce, spices… Etc. I think the sky is the limit!

Success! It feels good!

Here is two pics of today’s success!





2 responses to this post.

  1. Yay! Congrats lady!



  2. Posted by Amanda on June 18, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I used to use my food processor and slowly pour the oil in, it took forever. But then someone told me to use a hand blender. I bought a 20 dollar stick blender thing from walmart and it came with a tall cup, I put all the ingredients in at once and then stick the blender in and poof, mayo in 10 seconds! Sometimes there is a bit of oil floating on the top but a bit of extra mixing takes care of it.



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