Doomed For Failure Twice In A Row

Well I tried it again. Tonight I felt ambitious and I thought, I am going to do it right this time! So i grabbed the ingredients, didn’t bother with the recipe because  of course I remembered it from yesterday. and I started.

I cracked my egg and separated the yolk from the white and placed the yolk in the pot, i added the lemon juice.  and I whisked it up… cooled it down in the fridge and then tossed it into the food processor… I added a bit of oil… then a bit more while blending it up…. I had such confidence. then I started to wonder… why isn’t it thickening up…. well wtf!…

So once again i screwed it up, and I am not sure what I did wrong.  I ended up angrily dumping it down the sink.  I’m still a bit upset over it.  How can I fail so poorly twice in a row… at least yesterdays looked like mayo…

I am not going to give up!  I just finished watching a video on how to do it. And once i get some more ingredients, I am going to try it again! I hope then I can write a more positive post.

And to cheer myself up… I’m going to post a cute picture of my kid!



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  1. Posted by Katou on June 5, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Ok ok! Calm down! The secret? Don’t use a blender!!! I’ve always done it by hand! And! Before you put any oil, the eggs have to be a bit … How to say? Almost loke becoming syrupy!
    It’s ” time consuming”! Patience! Don’t rush it and leave the blender for blending! In french we say ‘monté’ une mayonaise. Or ” bring up”. Which is what you have to do! Like evg white!!! You bring them up to a mouse!
    Good luck!



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