Paleo chicken nuggets

I have to admit, my tastes are fairly basic. I love food, but I really like easy foods. Doesn’t come much yammer or easier than chicken nuggets. This recipe I found on paleo cupboards chicken nuggets is very good. I’ve made this a few times and once I didn’t have the arrow root powder…. It was not even remotely as good as usual. My daughter hates chicken and she even liked these!

I only cook for on lately as my fiancé is away ( oh the military life!) so I’ve adjusted this recipe to suit my needs.

I mix half a cup of almond flour/meal with 1/4 cup of arrow root powder. I then add in a bit of salt and lots of pepper ( I LOVE pepper!)

Cut up the chicken into bite size pieces

Crack a egg into a bowl

Dip the pieces of chicken into the egg, then the almond coating mixture.

Heat up a frying pan with some bacon grease(yum) or olive oil or coconut oil.

Fry those little suckers up!

Eat and enjoy! It’s as simple as that!

Here are the photos from the preparation of these tasty nuggets!






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