Taking the offical plunge into PALEO!

Today is a new day! I woke up today, with a recent challenge behind me, and I thought “Today I am changing how I eat”.

Today is the day that I take my first real step into full blown Paleo. To clarify, I am going a Lacto-Paleo path. I will still consume dairy products, tho I have to admit, I don’t consume a lot of them.

What is Paleo? you might be asking yourself this if you have not heard of this term before. You might be thinking ” wow, is this another one of those fad diets that the internet or TV movie stars are making popular?!”

I am still learning about what it means to partake in the Paleo way of eating and living, so by no means am I an expert.  I can tell you this… Eating Paleo is basically getting rid of all the crap the world is shoving at us. Its eating natural foods and avoiding processed, genetically modified, and refined products.  I can also tell you that for the last month, as a part of a challenge and as a test to myself, I cut out a lot of the processed foods, grains, legumes, refined sugars… and its amazing how much better I felt! I can assure you that I LOVE chicken nuggets,  candy, corn on the cobb, etc just as much as the next guy… but I also LOVE that I have not had a stomach ache in a month( which usually I get twice a week!).  I think that this path will both benefit my health and benefit my family for our long term goals of eating and staying healthy.

I will be using this blog to post recipes that I have found and tried and to post products I have tried and will let you know what I thought about them… And who knows eventually maybe I will even be able to just make up my own tasty recipes!

So welcome to this Blog, and welcome to my new adventure.


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